The Aterno Valley Model Forest Project

The Aterno Valley Model Forest is a work in progress project. Its main objective is to draw up a “forest sustainable & multitasking management plan” for the Medium Aterno Valley, based on the “Model Forest” (IMFN) approach. In its planning process, it includes all local items and stakeholders dealing with forest ecosystems and mosaic landscape: biodiversity, logging, tourism, culture, agriculture, CO2 sequestration, slope erosion and fire prevention.

A partnership among the Aterno Valley municipalities, the Velino Sirente Natural Park, and the Regional Authority has already been agreed and all possible stakeholders have been involved through a participatory initiative aiming to focus on problems and find the right solutions. Joining the International Model Forest Network will constitute the final formal step of this process.

The 2014-2020 Rural Development Plan subsidies, and a number of projects which will be submitted to the (RDP), will financially support the implementation of the MF strategy.