CEA Torre del Cornone

The Environmental Education Center (CEA) Torre del Cornone was founded in 2005 and recognized by the Abruzzo Regional Council as a Center of regional interest.

Its primary activities and goals are:

  • Conserve our dynamic rural landscape and provide opportunities for local development;
  • Plan activities and projects with input from local communities;
  • Sustain local development;
  • Train university students and professionals in the socio-economics and sustainability of the region through hands-on project-based experience.

The CEA Torre del Cornone offers a welcoming Guesthouse, comfortable and independent apartments with kitchenettes, a beautiful terrace or a room for breakfast and aperitifs, a meeting room for up to 20 persons, and a library specializing in landscape, local sustainable development, and geography of the Abruzzo region.

Experience the uniqueness of living and working in ancient buildings surrounded by Fontecchio’s defensive wall complete with thriving gardens and a little watchtower. Relax as you sit under the pergola of malvasia and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Aterno Valley, the Sirente mountain, and the small villages with their medieval communication towers in the distance.